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Teeth Whitening

as low as $49/mo

At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we understand the importance of affordable dental care for maintaining a bright and healthy smile. As the years go by, our teeth naturally undergo changes in color, often becoming darker. Even individuals who diligently adhere to daily oral hygiene practices and regular dental cleanings may notice a gradual darkening of their teeth with age. Factors such as the consumption of dark pigmented foods and beverages can contribute to teeth staining, but the aging process itself can also diminish the brightness of our smiles. Professional teeth whitening is the ideal cosmetic dentistry treatment for bringing back a white, healthy smile.
Roswell Complete Dentistry offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to address teeth discoloration. Our dental center in Roswell, GA, provides both in-office and at-home teeth bleaching options to accommodate your preferences and schedule.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

  • Safe and Controlled
    Professional teeth whitening conducted under the supervision of experienced dental professionals ensures a safe and controlled process, minimizing the risk of sensitivity or damage to the teeth and gums.
  • Customized Solutions
    Whether you opt for in-office or at-home whitening, our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results based on your unique teeth discoloration concerns.
  • Efficient and Quick
    In-office teeth whitening provides rapid results, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking immediate improvements in the brightness of their smiles.
  • Convenience of At-Home Whitening
    With at-home teeth bleaching options, you can conveniently whiten your teeth at your own pace, following a prescribed treatment plan provided by our dental professionals.
  • Boost in Confidence
    A whiter smile can enhance your overall appearance and boost your confidence, promoting a positive impact on both personal and professional aspects of your life.


opalescence teeth whitening system

Coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine, berries and other substances can stain your teeth. Your tooth enamel is porous, and it can absorb the pigments from these substances. Over-the-counter products for teeth whitening like toothpastes and strips can help remove some stains, but they are not as effective as professional teeth whitening products. They also may not be as effective at rejuvenating teeth that have become dull with aging.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Our in-office teeth whitening procedure is a quick and effective way to achieve noticeable results in a single visit. The process involves the application of a professional-strength whitening gel to the teeth, which is activated by a special light. This method ensures a safe and controlled environment, with our experienced Roswell dental professionals overseeing the entire process.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

For individuals who prefer the convenience of whitening their teeth in the comfort of their homes, we offer at-home teeth bleaching options. Customized whitening trays and professional-grade whitening gel are provided, allowing you to follow a prescribed treatment plan to gradually whiten your teeth at your own pace.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Professional teeth whitening is a versatile and effective solution for individuals of various ages and backgrounds. If you are bothered by teeth discoloration and desire a brighter smile, schedule a consultation at Roswell Complete Dentistry. Our team, led by Dr. Liudmila Poznyak, will assess your oral health and discuss the most suitable teeth whitening option for you.

At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we’re proud to be recognized as the best Roswell dentist, committed to delivering exceptional care and personalized attention to each of our patients. Contact us today to embark on your journey to a whiter and healthier smile. Schedule your appointment at our dental center in Roswell, GA, and let us help you achieve the radiant smile you deserve.

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