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Emergency Dentistry Roswell, GA

While no one likes to be faced with an unexpected dental emergency, being prepared and knowing how to respond is crucial. In fact, proper preparation and implementation alone can save teeth from irreparable damage or loss. At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we never want our patients to experience the sudden stress and uncertainty that comes with an unexpected emergency – we want them to know where to turn. That’s why we make it a priority to be dependable in turbulent times, being a valuable resource for those who need immediate help.

Below, we invite you to discover more information regarding dental emergencies and what you can do in the immediate aftermath. By knowing this information, you will be well-prepared to handle urgent situations and secure the best outcome when an emergency occurs.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency, contact our Roswell, GA office as soon as possible for assistance. We are here to help!

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Immediate Dental Help

When you have a dental emergency, you need to see a dentist right away. This is especially true if you are in pain or believe you may have a serious problem. A dental emergency can happen anytime, day or night. That’s why it’s important to act immediately and be prepared. Immediate help during a dental emergency is important because:

  • It can prevent further damage to the teeth or gums
  • It can help to reduce pain and discomfort
  • It reduces the risk of infection
  • It may improve the overall outcome of treatment

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, it is important to seek help as soon as possible at Roswell Complete Dentistry. By doing this, you will be able to prevent your condition from worsening, and, most importantly, you will be able to reach the best possible treatment outcome.

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Types Of Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency is any type of urgent dental problem that requires immediate treatment. Dental emergencies can include things like toothaches, cracked or chipped teeth, abscesses, and more. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, it is important to seek treatment right away in order to avoid further damage to your teeth and gums. If you are not sure whether or not you are experiencing a dental emergency, it is always best to take the precautionary route and consult with our dental professionals as soon as possible.

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Below is a list of the most common dental emergencies we encounter and our recommendations for treatment until we can see you.

  • Toothache – A toothache is usually caused by infection or inflammation in the tooth or gums. If you have a toothache, rinse your mouth with warm water and use a cold compress to relieve the pain. If the pain persists, contact our office as soon as possible.
  • Broken Tooth – If you have a broken tooth, it is important for you to receive treatment as soon as possible. Rinse your mouth with warm water and use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Visit our team for appropriate treatment to preserve the tooth.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth – If you have a tooth that has been knocked out, locate the tooth and rinse it with clean water. Holding the tooth by the crown, try to put it back in place within the gum socket and bite down. If you are unable to do so, place the tooth in a cup of milk or saliva and bring it with you to our office.
  • Abscess – An abscess is a pus-filled pocket that can form in the teeth or gums due to infection. If you have an abscess, rinse your mouth with warm water and use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Contact our office as soon as possible for treatment.
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We’re Prepared To Save Your Smile

In the event of a dental emergency, it is critical that patients act fast and take the appropriate action to ensure the best outcome. That’s why our team is dedicated to educating patients and being of service in the event of an urgent situation.

Whether you have experienced an accident, injury, or sudden discomfort in the teeth or gum tissue, our team is here to identify and resolve the situation. If you are experiencing an emergency, contact our office as soon as possible for further instruction!

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