A Healthy BodyStarts with
a Healthy Mouth

See Us Change Lives
See Us Change Lives

No Judgement Zone

At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we understand that NOT many people LIKE going to the dentist. Science has proven that the MOUTH is the gateway to the rest of your body’s health. Unhealthy gums - we got you. Missing teeth - we can fix that. Pain or Cavities - you came to the RIGHT place :) Let our genuine care and experience help you….wherever you are to get your mouth restored and healthy.

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The RCD Process

New Patient Exam

At your first appointment at Roswell Complete Dentistry we will take a comprehensive look at your medical and dental history. We will take photos and xrays to diagnose and explain to you the status of your oral health. We will formulate a plan at this appointment for how to best serve you.

Cleaning & Gum Health

We want to ensure we have a healthy foundation from which to build a healthy smile. Patients come to us with a wide range of needs. We want to tailor your care to your needs. Some individuals will require more focus on their gum health, others may be ready to begin a standard 6 month cleaning regimen.

Restorative Care

With a healthy foundation we can begin treating and/or replacing teeth to fill a beautiful smile. Our doctors believe that getting you infection free is the primary goal. Understanding that cavities and periodontal disease are infections in your mouth, we want to work to the root cause of the infection and build your beautiful, healthy smile from there.