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Can Invisalign be Used to Fix Gaps?

Beautiful Woman With Perfect Smile

You know that smile you’ve always wanted, the one where your teeth line up just right with no gaps or spaces in between? The kind of smile you see on models in magazines and actors on TV, and think “I wish I had teeth like that!” Well, guess what – you can. With advances in… Continue reading

Should My Child Get Topical Fluoride Treatments?

smiling boy in the dental office holding a big toy tooth

As parents, we all strive to ensure our children grow up healthy and strong, and their oral health is a significant part of that journey. Among the various preventative measures recommended by dental professionals, topical fluoride treatments stand out as a highly effective method for protecting young teeth from decay. At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we… Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Patients Are Scared of the Dentist

woman in dental chair during sedation

Do you dread going to the dentist? Perhaps you avoid dental visits altogether because you are afraid. At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we want patients to understand that dental phobia is not only common, but very fixable. In fact, our dental office is equipped for patients just like you. From our sedation dentistry and advanced dental… Continue reading

Dental Implants: Am I an Ideal Candidate According to My Dentist?

A man with a beautiful smile pointing holding a model of dental implant and pointing at his teeth

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium that are surgically placed into your jawbone. They provide a stable anchor for replacement teeth, like crowns or dentures. The implants fuse with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Over time, the implants become permanently embedded in the jawbone. Crowns Provide Natural-Looking Smiles Crowns are… Continue reading

Are Your Jaw Habits Causing Your Daily Headaches?

unhappy woman suffering from toothache at home

Jaw clenching, often a subconscious reaction to stress or anxiety, can have a significant impact on your overall well-being, particularly in relation to chronic headaches. At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we are dedicated to addressing this common issue, which is frequently associated with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ/TMD). This blog aims to elucidate the connection between jaw… Continue reading

Got “Cotton Mouth”? Tell Your Dentist!

laughing mature woman with a beautiful smile

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is a condition often perceived as a minor nuisance. In fact, many people refer to it as “cotton mouth,” or that lack of hydration you get in your mouth before making a speech or when you’re really stressed. However, chronic dry mouth can have a significant impact on dental health. At… Continue reading

Love Your Smile with These At-Home Dental Hygiene Upgrades

couple smiling in love at home

February, the month of love and affection, is the perfect time to show some love to your smile. At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we believe that caring for your smile at home is just as important as professional dental care. This Valentine’s Day, we want to share some dental hygiene upgrades you can implement at home… Continue reading

Deep Dental Cleaning at Roswell Complete Dentistry

outdoor portrait of happy young man wearing scarf and smiling at camera

A beautiful smile is more than just sparkling white teeth. It’s also about the health of your gums and the depth of the pockets around your teeth. At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive oral care to our patients. One essential procedure many are unfamiliar with is the deep dental cleaning. In… Continue reading

Dental Implants and Why Timing Matters

woman happy in the dentist chair

A smile can light up a room, spark a conversation, or even forge connections. But what happens when you’re hesitant to share that smile due to missing teeth? At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we believe that everyone deserves a confident, full smile. Dental implants provide a permanent solution to missing teeth, offering a host of advantages.… Continue reading

An Improved Dental Care Experience with Isolite

satisfied young woman in the dentist chair

Visiting the dentist has historically been met with a mix of anxiety and hope. While most understand the importance of dental check-ups, the discomfort of certain procedures or tools can be off-putting. However, dental technology is rapidly evolving, and at Roswell Complete Dentistry, we are always on the hunt for tools and technologies that can… Continue reading

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