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Dental Bridges

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Are you in search of the best Roswell dentist to address missing teeth and restore your smile? Look no further than Roswell Complete Dentistry, conveniently located in Roswell, GA. Losing one or more adjacent teeth can be more than just a gap in your smile – it can significantly impact your ability to eat, speak, and alter your appearance. One of the restorative dental treatments to close those gaps in your smile is a dental bridge. At Roswell Complete Dentistry, located in Roswell, GA, we specialize in offering various types of dental bridges tailored to rejuvenate your smile and overall oral health.

Understanding Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a restorative dental treatment designed to address missing teeth by incorporating prosthetic teeth called pontics. These artificial teeth replace the missing ones, whether due to an accident or bone loss. The pontics are skillfully connected with bridgework to create a unified piece that can be supported by either the surrounding natural teeth or dental implants.

Traditional Dental Bridge

The traditional dental bridge leverages existing teeth to support the prosthetic bridge. This involves attaching dental crowns to the bridge, fitting them over the adjacent teeth. Typically, two crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the missing ones, forming a stable foundation for the dental bridge with pontics in between.

Crafted in a dental lab based on a mold or 3D image design, traditional dental bridges boast durability, often lasting for a decade or more once installed. It’s important to note that the adjacent teeth do require alteration to accommodate the dental crowns.

The benefits of choosing a complete dental bridge are:

  • Stability and Support
    Traditional dental bridges use existing adjacent teeth to support the prosthetic bridge. Dental crowns are attached to the bridge and placed over the adjacent teeth, creating a stable foundation.
  • Proven Durability
    Crafted in a dental lab based on a mold or 3D image design, traditional dental bridges are known for their durability. Once installed, they can last for 10 years or more with proper care.
  • Natural Appearance
    Traditional dental bridges are designed to look natural, seamlessly blending with your existing teeth. The pontics, or artificial teeth, are carefully crafted to match the color and shape of your natural teeth.
  • Efficient Restoration
    The procedure for traditional dental bridges is efficient, often requiring fewer visits compared to alternative options like dental implants.
  • Cost-Effective Solution
    Traditional dental bridges can be a cost-effective solution for restoring multiple missing teeth, especially when compared to certain alternatives.
  • Minimized Alterations
    While adjacent teeth need dental crowns for support, the alteration is minimal compared to some other restorative options. The natural teeth act as anchors without significant structural changes.
  • Proven Track Record
    Traditional dental bridges have been a trusted and commonly used solution for replacing missing teeth for many years. The familiarity of this approach provides reassurance to both dentists and patients.


Implant-Supported Bridges

For those seeking an alternative, we offer implant-supported bridges as a tooth restoration option with distinct advantages over traditional dental bridges. Notably, this approach eliminates the need to alter other teeth in the mouth. Instead, the bridge is supported by two or more dental implants strategically inserted into the jawbone. This not only extends the lifespan of the device but also contributes to stimulating bone growth in the jaw.

The benefits of choosing an implant-supported dental bridge are:

  • Stability and Strength
    Implant-supported dental bridges are anchored to dental implants, providing a stable and strong foundation. The implants integrate with the jawbone, creating a secure and permanent solution.
  • Preservation of Natural Teeth
    Unlike traditional bridges, implant-supported bridges don’t rely on adjacent natural teeth for support. This helps preserve the integrity of neighboring teeth as they don’t need to be altered or used as anchor points.
  • Improved Chewing Efficiency
    The stability offered by dental implants enhances chewing efficiency, allowing for better function when eating a variety of foods. Patients can experience increased bite strength and confidence in their ability to eat comfortably.
  • Natural Appearance
    Implant-supported bridges are designed to closely resemble natural teeth in terms of color, shape, and alignment. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking smile.
  • Longevity and Durability
    Dental implants provide a durable and long-lasting foundation for the bridge. With proper care and oral hygiene, implant-supported bridges can last for many years, often surpassing traditional alternatives.
  • Bone Health Preservation
    Dental implants stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss that can occur when teeth are missing. This helps maintain facial structure and prevents the sunken appearance that can result from jawbone deterioration.
  • Enhanced Comfort
    Implant-supported bridges eliminate issues such as slipping or discomfort associated with removable dentures. They become a permanent part of the oral structure, ensuring stability and comfort in daily activities.
  • Speech Improvement
    With a secure and stable restoration, implant-supported bridges can contribute to improved speech clarity. Patients may find it easier to pronounce words and articulate sounds.
  • Versatility in Tooth Replacement
    Implant-supported bridges can be used to replace multiple missing teeth in a row or an entire arch, offering versatility in treatment options. The number of implants can be customized based on individual needs.

Choosing the Right Solution

At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we understand the importance of finding the right solution to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of options, including dental bridges, dental implants, dentures, and various alternatives to cater to your unique needs. If you’re dealing with missing teeth, our experienced team is ready to guide you through the process of selecting the most suitable restorative dentistry option.

Living with missing teeth doesn’t have to be a permanent part of your life. If you’re searching for a “dentist near me” in Roswell, GA, look no further than Roswell Complete Dentistry. We’re committed to making restorative dentistry accessible and effective. Schedule your appointment today at our dental center in the Roswell and Alpharetta, GA, area, and take the first step towards rediscovering your complete and confident smile!


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