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Dental Bridges

When you lose one or more teeth adjacent to each other, it can leave a giant gap in your smile. Missing teeth can change the way you eat and speak, as well as change your appearance. One of the restorative dental treatments to close those gaps in your smile is with a dental bridge. At Roswell Complete Dentistry, we offer different types of dental bridges to give you back your complete smile at our dental center in Roswell, GA.

A dental bridge contains prosthetic teeth called pontics that replace missing teeth. It can be a group of teeth that were knocked out in an accident or lost due to bone loss. The pontics are connected with bridgework to make it one piece. This bridge can be supported by surrounding teeth or by dental implants.

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Traditional Dental Bridge

The traditional dental bridge uses your existing teeth to support the prosthetic bridge. To accomplish this, dental crowns are attached to the bridge and placed over the adjacent teeth. In most cases, there are two crowns on teeth on either side of the missing teeth. The dental bridge is designed to fit the adjacent teeth with the crowns with pontics in between.

Dental bridges are made in a dental lab once a mold or 3D image design is created. Once created and installed in the mouth, a traditional dental bridge can last 10 years or longer. The drawback is that the adjacent teeth do need to be altered to fit the dental crowns.

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Implant-Supported Bridges

Another option we offer is implant-supported bridges. This tooth restoration offers some benefits over the traditional dental bridge. The other teeth in the mouth do not need to be altered – the bridge is supported by two or more dental implants that are inserted into the jawbone. The device can last longer than a traditional bridge and helps to stimulate bone growth in the jaw.

If you have missing teeth that you want replaced, come see us at Roswell Complete Dentistry. We offer dental bridges, dental implants, dentures and many varieties of options to restore your smile. Contact our dental center in the Roswell and Alpharetta, GA, area to schedule your appointment.

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