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When Is The Right Time To Get Dentures?

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While the usual goal is to live a full life with the set of teeth that you were given, some people will be faced with deciding if dentures are best for them.

Here are some circumstances that may lead you into getting dentures from our dentist:

Many Bad Teeth – Having a mouth full of unhealthy teeth can be very expensive to repair. Also, if you’re not willing to do everything you possibly can to maintain a healthy smile once your teeth are fixed, then you may be better off going ahead and getting a denture.

Loose Teeth – Loose teeth are caused by gum disease and are a result of the infection in your mouth, leading to the deterioration of the jaw bone that holds your teeth in place.  Having loose teeth is very painful and causes them to shift. There’s no coming back from having a loose tooth if disease is severe, so if this is occurring throughout your mouth you may not have any other choice but to get a denture.

Several Missing Teeth – Every tooth in your mouth serves a specific purpose. And when you’re lacking several teeth, your other teeth have to work harder to make up for the missing ones. This can cause a lot of strain and wear on the remaining teeth, and despite them working harder, chewing can still be very difficult.

Are You Ready For A Denture?

If the above description sounds like you then you should come to see Elegant Smiles for a consultation.  We’ll do an evaluation to determine what your best option is. Don’t suffer any longer, make the decision to get a new smile today.


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