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What’s the Best Kind of Toothpaste?

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Answering the question “what’s the best toothpaste” is almost impossible. That’s because the answer is up to you and what your teeth need.

Like others in Brookhaven, you want to invest in health products that will benefit your family. Choosing the right kind of toothpaste depends on your unique oral health needs.

This brief guide will help you explore a few different kinds of toothpaste to determine which is best for you and your family.

Anticavity Toothpaste

The majority of toothpastes contain fluoride, and anticavity pastes feature the fluoride content because of its decay-preventing properties.

Anti-gingivitis Toothpaste

Triclosan is a popular ingredient in anti-gingivitis toothpastes because it inhibits the growth of plaque, which irritates gums.

Complete Care Toothpastes

These formulas usually have both fluoride and ingredients that soothe the gums and fight plaque.

Whitening Toothpaste

To maintain smile brightness and fight stain, choose a whitening toothpaste that has a grit-like baking soda for scrubbing away stain.

Training Toothpastes for Children

Baby teeth do need fluoride toothpaste, but if you’re letting your child practice brushing on their own or worry that they swallow more fluoride toothpaste than they should, you can have them use a fluoride-free “training” paste that won’t upset their tummy.

Sensitivity Toothpastes

Desensitizing toothpastes usually have fluoride and potassium nitrate and are low in abrasives. Some prescription formulas even have added minerals and increased fluoride to build up areas of your teeth that have thin enamel.

Talk Toothpaste with a Dentist

If you’re having a hard time finding a toothpaste that suits your needs, visit Dr. Hosaka and the team at Elegant Smiles. Dr. Hosaka and our dental team will recommend an over-the-counter or prescription toothpaste product that will keep your smile healthy and clean.

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