Preventative Cleanings vs. Deep Cleanings

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In dentistry there are two common types of dental cleanings. The prophylaxis (aka “routine cleaning”) and the scaling and root planing (deep cleaning). Each one serves a different purpose. Neither works in the same way. So, understanding why one may be needed over the other is essential when it comes to keeping your smile healthy.

Prevention is Key

Your preventative care cleanings are typically booked six months apart. Their ultimate goal is to keep buildup at a minimum, screen for gum disease early, and prevent big issues before they start. Remember the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” That’s exactly what your prophylactic cleanings are for.

Regular Cleanings Can’t Treat Gum Disease

If you’ve been away from the dentist for a while or perhaps your oral hygiene isn’t the best, tartar buildup and gum deterioration are simply a matter of time. Once they start to affect your supporting tissues, periodontal disease kicks in. At that point a preventative six-month cleaning is no longer effective. Nor can it be thorough enough to reach into gum pockets to remove the infectious bacteria.

Instead, you need a deep cleaning to target infected areas and stabilize infections. Typically, we schedule deep cleanings in segments, focusing on 1/2 or 1/4 of your mouth at a time.

Don’t Wait for Symptoms to See a Dentist

Most dental health concerns are preventable. Including gum disease, bone deterioration, and tooth loss. The key is to schedule a preventative exam and cleaning every six months.

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