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6 Foods That Are Healthy for Your Smile

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Dr. Hosaka and the rest of the Elegant Smiles team know of several foods that are highly effective at preventing oral disease and bad breath. Add some more of these items into your everyday diet and see what kind of difference it makes in your smile health.

  1. Cheese Sharp aged cheeses have a savory, tangy flavor that stimulates the flow of saliva, which is key for helping teeth remineralize. Scientists have also noted that eating a piece of cheese temporarily makes the mouth less acidic. This process suggests that cheese could limit acidic cavity-causing bacteria.
  1. Milk and Yogurt Aside from cheese, milk and yogurt are two other excellent sources of the calcium your tooth enamel needs.
  1. Celery Celery is made of fiber and water, which makes it the perfect natural tooth cleanser. It even makes your mouth feel cleaner as you eat it.
  1. Apples Fiber-rich apples can scrub away plaque from your teeth and massage your gums as you munch on them. Apples are low in the kind of sugars that contribute to cavity-causing bacteria.
  1. Lettuce Struggling with bad breath? Have a salad. Fresh lettuce contains natural compounds similar to those found in mint and apples that cancel out bad breath.
  1. Green Tea Some studies have suggested that green tea affects oral health positively by killing off the germs that cause tooth decay. Many green teas are also a good source of the fluoride your tooth enamel needs to resist cavities. As an added bonus, green tea is also good for freshening breath.

Want some other dental health tips on eating your way to a healthier smile? Contact Elegant Smiles in Brookhaven today to schedule your next appointment.

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