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4 Things to Consider Before You Get Dentures

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It can be expensive to keep repairing your natural teeth. The idea of having them extracted and replaced with dentures is starting to sound nice.

Before you start begging your restorative dentist for a set of dentures, however, you should consider a few important facts.

You Can’t Chew as Well

Most adults can bite with a force of up to 250 pounds. But for traditional denture wearers, that figure is more like 50 pounds. That’s a 75-80% reduction in bite capacity. It’s all just numbers on paper, but it can make a big difference when you’re actually sitting down for a meal.

Dentures Take Some Time to Adjust To

You can’t expect to get dentures in one day and walk out ready to carry on like business as usual. You’ll need to give yourself some time to relearn laughing and speaking and chewing with a denture, because it doesn’t work the same exact way your natural teeth did.

Dentures Need Maintenance Just Like Natural Teeth

Dentures must be brushed and soaked daily if you want to keep your breath fresh and gums healthy. They also wear out with time and need to be adjusted or replaced. Dentures won’t end your regular trips to the dentist!

Your Smile Will Change

A denture sits directly on the gums and put pressure on the jaw bone underneath. Over time, this can cause the jaw bone to s away and give your cheeks a sunken look. This doesn’t happen as often if you have natural tooth roots or dental implants to support your prosthesis.

Should You Get Dentures?

Only a denture dentist in Brookhaven can tell you whether or not false teeth are right for your smile. Schedule a denture consultation with Elegant Smiles to learn more.

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